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Who Am I?

I'm a self-taught multimedia artist dedicated to use and promote libre software whenever possible.
I make music, sound effects and video tutorials regarding making audio with FOSS.
I manage a community focused around FOSS/Linux audio production.
I work on a libre multiplayer FPS game with a small team using (of course) nothing but open-source software.

Here's some of my educational videos (featuring my music BTW):

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I also sometimes make silly stuff like this (WARNING: harsh profanity and memes):

Monthly Livestreams

I stream on YouTube every first Sunday.
A 30 minute warmup starts at 7:30 PM CET, and at 8:00 PM CET the show begins.

I usually play some of my recent work, answer your questions, make music live using libre software and Linux and also play and comment on viewer-submitted music.

Here's the next scheduled livestream (YouTube).
And here's all the previous streams archived (YouTube playlist).
Submit your music here (Google Form).

All The Links

Here's all the places around the web where you can find my stuff:
My video game project Liblast
My video on YouTube
My videos on LBRY
My Mastodon profile
My Patreon page
My Liberapay page
My music on Audius
My Bandcamp discography
My Jamendo discography
My Rocket.Chat server
My Discord server
My Facebook page (last resort, I don't take care of that much anymore)
My merch on Teespring
My Codeberg repositories
My Github repositories
My old and defunct unfamusic.com website on WayBackMachine

Still here?

Enjoy some of my music!